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Citation: Ann Clin Case Rep. 2023;8(1):2495.DOI: 10.25107/2474-1655.2495

Simulation and Comparison of X-Ray Spectra in Diagnostic Radiography by IPEM 78, SpekPy, Xpecgen, SPEKTR 3.0, and EGSnrc Monte Carlo

Huy BN* and Dung PV

Dalat Nuclear Research Institute, Vietnam

*Correspondance to: Bui Ngoc Huy 

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This study presents the simulation results of the X-ray spectra of the general diagnostic radiography unit by using five computer codes. The general diagnostic machine was assessed by quality assurance testing. The Half-Value Layer (HVL), mean energy (Emean), and Air kerma per mAs (Kair/mAs) have been measured and compared with those obtained from five computer codes. The heel effect and target material composition were investigated. The IPEM report No.78 was used as a reference to compare with other computer codes. The HVL, Emean, Kair/mAs, and spectra were caused by five computer codes and the measurements showed that all have good agreement with the IPEM report No.78 and IEC 60601-1-3. The percentage differences (Diff, %) for HVL comparison vary between 1,16 to 3,71% for 70kVp, 0,64 to 3,61% for 80kVp, 0,11 to 3,13% for 90kVp. The Diff, % in Emean comparison vary between 0,24 to 8,95% for 70kVp, 0,07 to 6,29% for 80kVp, 0,08 to 7,0% for 90kVp. The Diff, % in Kair/mAs comparison vary between 2,60 to 8,12% for 70kVp, 1,70 to 7,90% for 80kVp, 2,40 to 7,84% for 90kVp. For the anode heel effect, Kair/mAs is higher towards the cathode side and lower towards the anode side, and the difference is lower when aluminium filters are added. The X-ray spectrum obtained by SpekPy is in the best agreement with IPEM report No.78 while Xpecgen, Spektr 3.0, EGSnrc MC show a significantly lower K-peaks intensity for 80 and 90kVp. The comparative assessment showed that the HVL, Emean and Kair/mAs were well-matched between the five codes and physical measurements.


IPEM report No.78; SpekPy; Xpecgen; Spektr 3.0; EGSnrc Monte Carlo

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Huy BN, Dung PV. Simulation and Comparison of X-Ray Spectra in Diagnostic Radiography by IPEM 78, SpekPy, Xpecgen, SPEKTR 3.0, and EGSnrc Monte Carlo. Ann Clin Case Rep. 2023; 8: 2495.

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