Ann Clin Case Rep | Volume 4, Issue 1 | Case Series | Open Access

A New Treatment Method of Advanced Metastatic Tumors

Damyanov C*, Maslev I, Pavlov V and Todorov A

Medical Center for Integrative Medicine, Bulgaria

*Correspondance to: Damyanov C 

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The experience gathered in the more than seven decades of applying the reductionist approach to the treatment of oncological diseases has not justified the hopes and enormous financial expenses invested in it, as it has not brought about any significant breakthrough in the treatment efficacy.The tumour’s heterogeneity, resistance and adverse effects, combined with the high cost of applying either chemotherapy or target therapy have been the major factors limiting the treatment efficacy all of which are serious grounds for a reason to reassess the reductionist approach.In an attempt to apply the systematic approach principles to the oncological diseases treatment we turned to the opportunities offered by and the achievements of integrative oncology. Based on the results demonstrated so far from the successful application of the Insulin Potentiated Therapy (IPT) in our practice and following a long research period we developed a new protocol for complex treatment of advanced metastatic tumors, whereby the leading methodology is a combined application of IPT and Biomagnetic Pairs Therapy (BPT).Until October 2018 ten patients with advanced metastatic tumors (ΠΆ3-4 N1-2 M1-2) were involved in a combined IPT and BPT treatment. The tumors localisations being: four breast tumors, three rectal tumors, two cervical tumors and one ovarian tumor.The treatment of one of the patients was discontinued following his express wish. In two patients (the cases considered here) a full clinical remission was established. In three patients a partial therapeutic effect was registered. Their therapies continue with an outpatient treatment protocol. The treatment of the rest of the patients is still in progress, with their condition being stabilised.The results achieved so far albeit preliminary give us grounds and hope that our efforts will contribute to bringing the medical community’s focus on the need for further development and application of the systematic approach to the treatment of oncological diseases.


Advance metastatic tumors; Insulin potentiation therapy, Biomagnetic pairs therapy; Goiz biomagnetic pairs


Damyanov C, Maslev I, Pavlov V, Todorov A. A New Treatment Method of Advanced Metastatic Tumors. Ann Clin Case Rep. 2019; 4: 1647.

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