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Citation: Ann Clin Case Rep. 2024;9(1):2577.DOI: 10.25107/2474-1655.2577

Bioinformatics-Based Analysis of Genes Related to Ferroptosis in Recurrent Spontaneous Abortion

Han X, Feng Y and Wang L*

Department of Medical Laboratory Science, People's Hospital of Bayingolin Mongol Autonomous Prefecture, China

*Correspondance to: Lu Wang 

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Abnormal decidualization of the endometrium plays a pivotal role in Recurrent Spontaneous Abortion (RSA). Ferroptosis, a form of cell death dependent on iron. However, its effect on RSA remains largely unexplored. Consequently, we examined and validated by utilizing the GSE26787 and GSE165004 the correlation between genes associated with ferroptosis and RSA. Hub genes were identified and a protein-protein interaction network was constructed, together with assessments of functional enrichment of the genes and their association with immune cell recruitment. Fifteen ferroptosis-associated genes associated with RSA were identified. Among these, nine were increased, and six were decreased. GEO and KEGG showed that these genes were involved in cellular responses to stimuli, and the regulation of autophagy, etc. Two hub genes, Furin and NEDD4, were identified. Gene Set Enrichment Analysis indicated that cytokine–cytokine ligand interaction, etc. are common pathways for hub genes. Results from immune infiltration analysis indicated a high infiltration of Type 1 T-helper cells in RSA. External validation demonstrated significant upregulation of Furin and downregulation of NEDD4 in endometrial samples (p ≤ 0.05). Furin and NEDD4, have the potential as novel and effective markers for the prevention and management of RSA.


Recurrent spontaneous abortion; Endometrium; Immune system; Endometrium; Bioinformatics

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Han X, Feng Y, Wang L. Bioinformatics- Based Analysis of Genes Related to Ferroptosis in Recurrent Spontaneous Abortion. Ann Clin Case Rep. 2024; 9: 2577..

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