Ann Clin Case Rep | Volume 7, Issue 1 | Case Report | Open Access

Cutaneous Mucormycosis in a Kidney Transplant Patient: A Case Report

Azzabi A1, Mahfoudh O1*, Ben Aicha N1, Sahtout W1, Ayadi A2, Lajmi Z3, Smida M4, Mrabet S1, Fradi A1, Boukadida R1, Sabri F1, Zellama D1, Hmissa S3, Kochtali H2, Mili A4, Guedri Y1 and Achour A1

1Department of Nephrology, Sahloul Hospital, Tunisia 2Deprtment of Maxillofacial Surgery, Sahloul Hospital, Tunisia 3Department of Anatomical and Cellular Pathology, Sahloul Hospital, Tunisia 4Department of Parasitology, Farhat Hached Hospital, Tunisia

*Correspondance to: Mahfoudh O 

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Mucormycosis is a rare but devastating mycotic infection. Treatment involves a combination of surgical and medical therapies. In this review, we report a case of cutaneous mucormycosis in a 38-year-old diabetic male. He received a kidney transplant in 2019. The clinical symptoms noted fever and an ulceronecrotic lesion in relation to the mandible with local inflammatory signs. Our patient presented with diabetic ketoacidosis. Massive debridement was performed. Tissue examination by histopathology and culture confirms the fungal Infection. When he was admitted, he had an advanced infection and was died on the second hospital day.


Renal transplant recipient; Mucormycosis; Fungus; Skin; Immunosuppression


Azzabi A, Mahfoudh O, Ben Aicha N, Sahtout W, Ayadi A, Lajmi Z, et al. Cutaneous Mucormycosis in a Kidney Transplant Patient: A Case Report. Ann Clin Case Rep. 2022; 7: 2237..

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