Ann Clin Case Rep | Volume 7, Issue 1 | Case Report | Open Access

Florid Reactive Periostitis of the Tibia: Case Report

Ayala Rodrigo Ángeles*, Muñoz Ortus María del Rosario, Hernández León Carmen Nieves and Conchuela Fumero Juan Luis

Department of Medicine, University Hospital of the Canary Islands Ctra, Spain

*Correspondance to: Ayala Rodrigo √Āngeles 

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Florid reactive periostitis is a rare bone proliferation with a pronounced periosteal reaction. These lesions are rarely described in long bones since they generally appear in the tubular bones of the extremities. The etiology is unknown, although it is related in several cases to a traumatic history. It shares imaging and histological similarities with other bone lesions such as Bizarre Parosteal Osteochondromatous Proliferation (BPOP), subungual exostosis, osteomyelitis, myositis ossificans, and malignant surface tumors of bone and cartilage which include conventional, periosteal and parosteal osteosarcoma. Regarding treatment when presenting early, this process can be treated conservatively with rest and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication. When presenting late, with an aggressive nature and/or with recurrence, wide local resection is considered the treatment of choice. Differential diagnosis is essential to avoid unnecessary aggressive treatments. We present a case of a florid reactive periostitis of a middle third tibia, with progressive growth without previous trauma or infectious process. The diagnosis was not suspected by imaging tests. The histological findings of a parosteal lesion with benign characteristics raise the possibility of florid reactive periostitis, having ruled out chronic osteomyelitis due to the negative microbiological studies. After the intervention, the pain disappeared and one year after the surgery there were no recurrences of the lesion.




Ángeles AR, del Rosario MOM, Carmen Nieves HL, Juan Luis CF. Florid Reactive Periostitis of the Tibia: Case Report. Ann Clin Case Rep. 2022; 7: 2147..

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